How many CDP members in the world? Please give me a break!
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How many CDP members in the world? Please give me a break!

The Voice of America aired self-claimed CDP General Leader Xie Wanjun’s words about the members of CDP in China and in the United States. It was reported that Xie said, “Since the party founded in 1998, many of its founders were jailed in China. Currently, the center of the leadership has been shifted to the United States. There are two thousands and more members in the United States and four thousands and more in the 750 cities in Mainland China secretly.


I just received several emails from this CDP contacts from China. They asked the same question, “How can CDP members dropped so dramatically?”


What these CDP contacts were talking about? I just can’t answer the question at all!


Just about four months ago, in a statement posted by Xie Wanjun on his solely controlled website, dated January 1st, 2004, and he wrote, “Currently, CDP is under the oppression by the China Communist Party. But there are one hundred thousands plus open and semi-underground members and cadres within China nation.”


Which one is true? I have no idea.


As once helped and worked to support Xie’s CDP, I honestly have no idea what Mr. Xie was talking about. If I have to answer the question responsibly, here is my only true answer:


Xie is a big shameless lying liar without a good memory. He was a bad apple of the China democracy movement. We the people in CDJP truly regret that we supported him and helped him. We owe the China democracy movement for having made such a big mistake.


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