Prayer: God, Let us to become an army of yours.
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God, we came from Mainland China, we left the land under which we were controlled and oppressed by the evil power.

We understand, we are getting used to the safety and freedom in the God blessed USA, and we should not forget, that your are commanding your army, with their blood and souls, to fight the evil powers in the order to keep our safety and freedom, over the sky, under the sea, on the land and into the deserts.

God, we came from Mainland China, and you are having purpose to let us leave the land that evil power controlled and oppressed us.

We understand, you let us enjoy the safety and freedom lives here, you want us to become another army of yours, to fight the evil – your enemy – in the place we came from.

God, we are sinners in the front of you, there are among us who do not hear your calls, who forget your purpose to let us be here, who do not see that your army, with blood and souls, is defending the security and freedom we are enjoying in the God blessed land USA.

God, please bless us with wisdom, power and courage. Please keep us away from foolishness, weakness and discouragement. Let us hold in your name, to become an army of yours, to be ready – to fight under your command!

God Bless China! Amen!

(This prayer has been translated to Chinese by Ms. Hong Tang. The Link is here >>> )

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