A Call To “Boycott Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics”
03/08/05    Bai Yongsong    CDJP-Korean Branch    存库之前的阅读次数:178

The Olympic Spirit is to enhance mutual understanding, friendship, unification and peaceful race. A peaceful race can only be realized under the condition that all parties respect and follow a same rule.


For years, the international society has repeatedly called China Communist Party government to properly treat exiled North Koreans as “refugees”, to allow them to contact international humanitarian assistant institutions, to allow them to go to a third country which willing to receive them. China Communist Party government totally ignored those appeals, and to the very opposite, it arrested and repatriated North Korean refugees, totally ignored that the repatriated North Korean refugees were to face severe political persecutions, cruel tortures and the dangers of being executed. China Communist government, in the matter of the exiled North Korean refugees, totally does not respect international humanitarian and human rights norms.


We, the undersigned, are consented, that: The above practice of the China Communist Party government is contradicting with the Olympic spirit. We the people of Chinese Koreans, are bearing inescapable responsibilities and duties to appeal to the government of Korea, to the government of Japan, to the government of Taiwan, and to all the governments that stand for freedom and democracy, to boycott 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


Drafted By: Bai Yongsong. Undersigned: Shen Zelong, Li Guangxian, Li Guanghu, Huang Helong, Jin Chunshi, Piao Guihua, Piao Donghe, Piao Yixiu, Cui Guangfeng, Cui Dongxu, Cun Zhenzi, Li Zhehai, Li Xianzhe, Zheng Hailian, Jin Jingjie, Ji Yuayu, Kang Yingzi, Jin Yongshi, Xuan Yingyu, Zhu Xianji, Li Linqing, Song Jinghua, Li Yunzhi, Li Jingyu, Sun Yingyu, Fang Lingnu, Yang Jingyu, Jin Yingji, Zhao Yunlong, Ju Chunzhe, Jin Nanhua, Jin Jingshun, Jin Zhongshou, Li Yonghua, Quan Yinglie, Yin Bishan, Piao Jinhua, Quan Meixian, Song Mingzhe, Li Haiyu, Cui Meihua, Kang Yingshu, Wu Lianji, Li Chengzhen, Li Meizi, Zhu Shunyun, Zhu Guangshun, Bai Lianhua, Qian Wanjin, Qian Wanshan, Qian Wanhua, Qian Wanjie, Liu Rengzhu, Liu Bingquan, Huang Longhao, Jin Zhuzhe, Jin Chengjun, Yin Zhengji, Yang Chunhua, Huang Mingshu, Zhao Dechun, Piao Mingyu, Li Xianglan.


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