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Li ZhehaiIn this length long interview report, Li Zhehai told his past story in China. With a promised reward of thirty to fifty thousand Yuan and a government assigned job in mind, Li Zhehai joined the PLA when he was 17, without finishing his high school. After two years’ service, he retired to his home town only to find that there was no reward and no job for him as he was previously promised by the government. Hearing about veterans in Beijing demonstrated and then successfully got what they demanded, he set out to find the recording about that demonstration through the Internet, and downloaded it, and passed it to his fellow veteran friends. Li said that he did not have confrontation against the government in his mind at that time. Or did he?


Li said in his interview that, as a soldier before, he learned to follow, only to follow, not to organize or to lead. But now he decided to join the CDJP and he is about to learn how to lead. Was he afraid of the CCP government in China? Yes. Was he afraid to put his own name and picture to the website to tell his story? “Why? It will be a joke when I have already been in the United States and still afraid of the CCP.” This answer got him the final approval by the interviewer of the CDJP of his immediate membership in the CDJP. You will want to know why.


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[Category] Artivities

[Title] From PLA Soldier to CDJP Member

[Subtitle] An Interview with retired compulsory serviceman (Army Veteran) Li Zhehai.

[Author] Shen, Zelong

[Date Published] 10/23/2004

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